Sunday, January 16, 2011

FSA Gossamer BB30 crankset recall

BB30 crankset:

BB30 Crank set...more mass=more stiffness=more efficient power transfer.
Probably the biggest innovation in road bike technology for 2010, with little room to improve upon  modern road bicycles, Gossamer had created a new reason to buy a new bike.  I personally was looking at the Fuji ACR series, and the Scattante CFR at a local bike shop.  The sales guy pitched me the importance of the BB30, and I was sold.  Just didn't have the money for a new bike.  Other tech points were things like the asymetrical chain stays, carbon seat stays and forks.  All about efficient power delivery.  As it turns out, now many of Full Speed Ahead's Gossamer BB30 cranksets are under recall.  The reason being that if by chance you or your mechanic had over torqued the fixing bolt for the crankset upon installation, there is a possibility of cracking the bolt, or even the non-drive crank. 

 Bicycle Models Effected by Recall
2010 Sempre Ultegra
2010CAAD9 5,CAAD9 5 Feminine
2010 SixCarbon 5
2010 Slice 4, Slice 4Nytro, Slice 5
2010 SynapseCarbon 4,Carbon 4 Feminine,Carbon 5
2011CAAD10 5 105,CAAD10 5 105 Feminine
2011 Slice 5, Slice 5Womens
2011 SuperSix 5 105, SuperSix 5 105Womens
2011 SynapseCarbon4Rival,Carbon4RivalWomens,Carbon5
2011CAAD8 5 105
2011CAADX 105Cyclocross
2011 F75
2011 F75X
2010 ACR 1.0
2010 ACR 2.0
2010 ACR 3.0
2010 Fuji ACR 3.0:

Quintana Roo
2010 CD.0.1
2010 C3
2011 - 2010 RX 1.0
2010 CFR Comp

2010 Scattante CFR Comp:

Only certain crank arms are effected by the recall, with serial numbers beginning with 10B, 10C, and 10D.  For more info, visit

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