Monday, January 24, 2011

Feels like summer...and the time is right for biking in the streets

What a gorgeous winter we are having in socal.  The rain has been gone for about a month, and we are getting lots of sunshine and warm days.  Not to brag, (because I know first-hand the perils of East coast winters), but this is epic for cyclists.  Lots of rides going on in all areas of California.  This truly is the mecca of the cycling world.

Here are some I have attended over the past couple months:
Velo Allegro -Long Beach, CA
Midnight Ridazz -LA
Food Park- Irvine

Velo Allegro is a road racing team out of Long Beach, and Food Park is a mash up of clubs and independent riders.  Both of these rides are for road bikes, and everyone is wearing full kits.
Midnight Ridazz is the polar opposite, comprised of many fixed gears and few roadies, most of the riding is casual with plenty(if not too many and too long) stops along the way.  Midnight Ridazz also occasionally has rides involving beach cruisers, mountain bikes, ten speeds, fixies, road bikes, and BMX. 

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