Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dream bike, and a little smack talk FAYH

Focus Izalco Pro 3.0

Full carbon, full Shimano Ultegra, internal cable routing, BB30.
Everything that my ideal bike should have, without selling my soul to the creditors.  @ ~ 4,000

"The award-winning carbon flyer from FOCUS. Under the name FOCUS Izalco Expert Ultegra, it outstripped all its rivals in the "Best Enthusiast Road Bike" category to win the prestigious Editors' Choice Award for the 2010 season in America's "Bicycling" magazine. The appeal of our winning bike lies not only in its perfect combination of stiffness and comfort but also in the selection of fine components."-Focus Izalco Pro 3.0

I know what you may be thinking, and your opinion probably falls into one of the two following jerk offs:
#1- "Hey man! you call that a dream bike? I'll show you a dream bike! It weighs 3 lbs less, has Dura Ace Di2, an integrated seatpost, and is rigid as a mofo!"
#2- "No, No NO! A dream bike can't be carbon! It has to last a lifetime, and we all know that it has to be titanium frame in order to do that.  Carbon bikes lose rigidity, and aluminum will rattle your bones off.  Steel is real, but prone to rust, therefore, Ti is the only one which makes sense long term.

And to both of these opinions, I say "shove it".  Go ride your track bike and your space metal bikes.  I don't have a trust fund dammit, I'm a student in my mid 20's.  Sometimes, dream bikes have to start off a notch down just so that I can get the damn thing before I'm 45 years old.
So don't hate the rider, hate the game....besides, I'll still spank many a rider on my 18 year old carbon ultegra 600/ dura ace mishmash.

People drive me nuts sometimes...."What bike is the fastest?" they ask...don't be retarded.  Bikes don't have engines.  The rider is the engine.  If a rider has a $10,000 bike, and a beer belly to compliment his Livestrong jersey, I will drop him on my so called POS in a heartbeat, if for nothing more than the shear humiliation he deserves.
A little smack talk for all you haters. Comments are welcomed

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